Drywood Termite Droppings in Attic Space

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If your the adventurous type and want to crawl through your attic space looking for evidence of termite infestations make sure you have a powerful flashlight and are very careful to step only on the wood ceiling joists. Never put your weight on the drywall or plaster and put on a good dust mask and gloves. It’s not recommended and having one of our trained professionals do it for you would be a much better way to go. However we thought you may want to see a picture of what we commonly see when inspecting an insulated attic space for termites. Over the years, dust will settle on top of the insulation making it darker so when an active drywood termite infestation starts kicking out termite droppings they can be easy to spot. New infestations are much more difficult to spot and require the trained eye of a professional inspector to identify.