Subterranean Termites at Floor Joist

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This infestation was found under the floor in the substructure of the home. Subterranean termites had nested in the soil and built mud tubes up the side of the foundation wall to connect from the soil to the wood floor framing. As the termites ate their way through the floor joists they started to build mud tubs down toward the ground in order to make more traveling highways for the infestation to use as it grows.  This problem cannot be solved treating the wood member with an orange oil termite treatment. The soil needs to be pressure treated with a termiticide. We used Termidor for treating the soil which is undetectable by termites and has a transfer effect of spreading from termite to termite throughout the colony – ultimately eradicating the entire infestation.  Subterranean termites need the moisture from the soil to survive so breaking down all the mud tubes kills the termites that are currently above ground at the time of treatment. Without the mud tubes they will not find their way back to the soil.