Termite Spotlight

Termite Inspection Spotlight

At Bug Central we inspect thousands of homes each year. Periodically we will share photos and helpful information about inspections to help keep our customers better informed about the serious problem of termites in Southern California. Keep checking back for new updates and information about termite inspections, natural termite control methods, and how to keep your home or business termite-free.

    • Termite Inspection Orange County
      Orange County home owners can receive a free termite inspection by calling 800 557-9123. Termite inspection by a trained professional can identify infestations that are hidden to the untrained eye. Professional inspectors know how to identify and detect new infestations of termites before they get out of control....Continue
    • Termite Swarm Alert
      It’s the first week of May and termite swarming season is already upon us with drywood termite swarms already being reported in Southern California communities. If you notice any kind of termite activity in or around your home or business you need to take action fast because a termite problem can escalate rapidly. If you happen to see a swarm but then it goes away that does not mean the termites just disappeared and you are safe either. That usually means they have infiltrated and are about to become a seriously big issue. The scariest thing about drywood termites is...Continue
    • Termites Use Steel Posts As Bridge
      The subterranean termites in this picture actually built their mud tubes up the steel support post under a mobile home in search for more wood to eat. What you don't see in the picture is the wood base at the bottom of the steel post. Mobile homes often use a wood base under the steel post for added stability and the wood base is usually pressure treated lumber. In this case the wood was pressure treated but the treatment had broken down over the years and the base became a perfect spot for a colony of termites to start and...Continue
    • Huge Fumigation to Control Drywood Termites
      On Jan 1st 2013 Bug Central completed one of Southern California's largest single building fumigations to date. This commercial manufacturing plant located in Santa Fe Springs, Ca was infested with drywood termites and could not be controlled by localized treatment methods. Too many infested areas in the walls and structural roof support beams. The building required 100s of tarps and a 30 man team to complete the job. An average home is about 25,000 - 40,000 cubic feet in size. This build was 3,850,000 cubic feet. One for the history books! It's hard to even comprehend the massive size of...Continue
    • Massive Undetected Termite Infestation Found
      A massive undetected termite infestation was found today in a home located in Orange County, CA. It appears that multiple colonies of termites had infested the home's attic space and wood balconies. The property owner had no idea how much damage was being done until a termite inspection for the sale of the property was requested. Thousands of dollars in wood damage needed to be repaired as well as fully tenting the property to eradicate the infestations. The lesson here is to have your home checked annually for termite infestations. Getting to the new infestations before they get out of control...Continue
    • Subterranean Termites at Floor Joist
      This infestation was found under the floor in the substructure of the home. Subterranean termites had nested in the soil and built mud tubes up the side of the foundation wall to connect from the soil to the wood floor framing. As the termites ate their way through the floor joists they started to build mud tubs down toward the ground in order to make more traveling highways for the infestation to use as it grows.  This problem cannot be solved treating the wood member with an orange oil termite treatment. The soil needs to be pressure treated with a...Continue
    • Termite Damaged Patio Beam
      This termite damaged beam was cut off the end of a support header on an exterior patio cover in located in Anaheim, CA. Drywood termites had eaten the beam from the inside out. The entire beam had to be replaced as well as several support posts and rafters. Homes located in Orange County need regular inspections to keep this kind of damage from occurring. A little bit of prevention goes a long way when it comes to termites. If the infestation in this beam was treated with orange oil at its beginning stages all that costly damage could have been...Continue
    • Drywood Termite Droppings in Attic Space
      If your the adventurous type and want to crawl through your attic space looking for evidence of termite infestations make sure you have a powerful flashlight and are very careful to step only on the wood ceiling joists. Never put your weight on the drywall or plaster and put on a good dust mask and gloves. It's not recommended and having one of our trained professionals do it for you would be a much better way to go. However we thought you may want to see a picture of what we commonly see when inspecting an insulated attic space for...Continue
    • Drywood Termite Pellets
      The drywood termite pellets or dropping in this photo are coming out of the base of a door jamb. This is a common area to find the first signs of termites in a home. Exterior door jambs are an easy target for drywood termite swarmers looking to start a new infestation as well as wood windows, siding, and trim. Keep an eye on this easy to see areas and give us a call at the first signs of any new infestation. Termites are always on the attack so look for simple sign of new infestations and schedule regular inspection to...Continue