Termites Use Steel Posts As Bridge

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The subterranean termites in this picture actually built their mud tubes up the steel support post under a mobile home in search for more wood to eat. What you don’t see in the picture is the wood base at the bottom of the steel post. Mobile homes often use a wood base under the steel post for added stability and the wood base is usually pressure treated lumber. In this case the wood was pressure treated but the treatment had broken down over the years and the base became a perfect spot for a colony of termites to start and build a new infestation. It appears to us that this infestation is over 10 years old and quite extensive. To treat this infestation we had to first scrape off all the mud tubes on the steel posts and beams to stop the travel back and forth from the colony and then treat the soil around all the wood post bases in the substructure with Termidor. This termite treatment is very effective and will completely eliminate the colonies as they transfer the Termidor from termite to termite deep within the termite galleries.